At Proteus Professionals, we are client-centred, meaning that you come first. We adapt to your needs and way of working. Our focus and passion for superyachts plus our direct experience from the marine industry gives us a huge advantage to find the best talent for your team or project. 

We understand that luxury and versatility are key in superyachts – our candidates reflect this. Save time and resources by letting us do all the recruitment for you: Manage sourcing, recruitment and placement process.

Why choose us?

We know the marine industry is a close-knit family… its our family too!

Working together, we achieve shared goals and find joy in each other’s success stories! We understand that deadlines need to be met but quality will always come first – which means you can count on us for world class service no matter what your needs.

Over time, our clients become part of our extended team; they’re not just customers who work with us for a while and then forget about us later when things get tough.

We become integral to their business, contributing positively towards their own goals and ambitions: providing exceptional services while ensuring total satisfaction throughout.

We are the go-to team for marine technical recruitment for yacht builders, Superyacht shipyards and all the other great companies that are part of this industry.

Our combined backgrounds in the industry allow us to anticipate and understand our clients’ biggest challenges, while also appreciating that process and standards improve over time.

This means we have to stay on top of latest trends with all technology aboard yachts and be able to find candidates that will also meet that criteria.

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