How it all Began...

Dale Fisher – About Proteus Professional´´s Founder
Dale Fisher - Founder Proteus Recruitment

Proteus Professionals was founded on my passion for high-performance ships and superyachts, my admiration for those that design, build and service them, and my 25+ years’ experience in the industry.

Boats have been my life: from sailing as a teenager off the Isle of Wight, to working two decades as a mast & rigging specialist for both race and superyacht, followed by a further five years as a technical marine recruitment expert for the motoryacht, sailing yacht and commercial shipping industry.

I’ve seen, sailed, and serviced almost every type of boat, both on the water and in the yard. I’ve worked with America’s Cup, Volvo Ocean Race, and Rolex Maxi yachts; with sloops, megayachts and multihulls — just to name a few! I’ve managed an array of difficult and complex projects across the globe and been hands-on wherever required.

Throughout my 25 years in the industry, I’ve built a reputation for being dependable, adaptable, and personable. I understand the bespoke and high specification needs of my clients, and I take a personalised and meticulous approach to every project.

Dale Fisher

Dale Fisher - Founder Proteus Recruitment

Proteus - The Legend

Proteus, the first son of Poseidon, was a Greek god and a Titan of the seas. He was known as The Shepherd of the Sea and renowned as a fierce protector and custodian of all things marine. Legend has it that Proteus was a shapeshifter, able to change shape at will and assume any form he chose in an instant…. Today, to have Proteus-like qualities, or to be “Protean”, means to be flexible, adaptable, and versatile.

At Proteus Professionals we believe our core values and approach to working with our clients are interwoven with these legends of Proteus. We believe in building partnerships with our clients and we are there to help shepherd their projects and safeguard their business. We are extremely versatile and able to adapt the way we work and the solutions we provide to meet their needs. We understand the need to remain flexible to the often-changing demands of engineering and building bespoke projects throughout the marine industry.

Proteus’ name came from the Greek “πρῶτος” (protos) meaning “first”. Like our namesake, we are dedicated to being first: at anticipating our clients’ needs, at recruiting the best available candidates, and at becoming a business partner our clients can trust. We possess the experience and resources required to efficiently solve problems, prevent delays, and adapt to the evolving demands of our clients.

Like our namesake, we seek to make a strong impression. Like our clients, we strive to be leaders.

We are a new marine legend in the making!

We are Proteus Professionals.



1. tending or able to change frequently or easily.

Similar: Versatile, adaptable, flexible, all-round, multifaceted

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